At MÜLIBEX, we innovate and design ultra-light outdoor equipment that combines the newest advances in materials and patented-technology to formulate the most versatile equipment possible. MÜLIBEX's technology and state-of-the-art design is for purchase from the available retail products online and in products offered by MÜLIBEX's distributors.

The following MÜLIBEX products and technology is protected by one or more patents or provisional design and/or utility registrations. The following Intellectual Property referenced fulfills the digital patent marking provisions granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and its jurisdictions. 

The following technology of MÜLIBEX products may not be fully comprehensive, and other MÜLIBEX technology or retail products not shown here may be owned and protected by one or more patents, provisional and/or utility patents. The products listed may be protected by additional patents and other patents or design protections may be pending.


Jurisdiction Patent/Design Reg. No.
USA US 10,285,503


Provisional Patent MUHL and CAPRA Chairs
TPL Reference No. 804-05P
US Application No. 62/620,305
Filing Date January 22, 2018


Provisional Patent   Collapsible Alpine Chair
US Application No. 62/535,709
Filing Date July 21, 2017


Provisional Patent  Portable Collapsible Trekking Pole Chair
Application No. 62/454,112
Filing Date February 3, 2017


Non-Provisional Collapsible Chair
Application No. 15/888,994
TPL Reference No. 804-02
Filing Date February 5, 2018
Publication No. US-2018-0235368-A1
Publication Date August 23, 2018


Non-Provisional Collapsible Chair
Application No. PCT/US2018/016923
TPL Reference No. 804-02-WO
Filing Date February 5, 2018