We know umlauts can be tricky, keep trying. Don’t be fooled by our name. We’re a Veteran owned, USA based design and manufacturing company.  

Pronounced - myo͞ol ah bex       (say it fast)



Introducing a new evolution in lightweight collapsible chairs that will never be "just a chair", but part of a larger System of adaptable gear. No other fully collapsible chair has the payload capacity, stability, comfort, or rugged durability - with as many options - as our patented CAPRA® Chair System. Period. Did we also mention the CAPRA is a full size chair with a weight capacity of 550 pounds? That's a lot of feathers.

Prototype static load test - 3D printed hubs (mic drop)
90 lbs dropped from 3 feet after already loaded with 200 lbs of gravel and weights. That's equivalent to peak load of 1700 lbs, or the equivalent of an Alaskan Grizzly Bear.


The adaptive carry bag is included with every chair system and eliminates the need for many add ons that are considered accessories by other brands. It folds into itself to form a large pocket that clips onto a series of gear loops on the seat, and supported by the frame.  

Keep cold things cool, and hot things warm with our insulating insert.

 CORDURA® fabrics are world renowned for producing high performing durable, abrasion resistant materials. We use 500 denier nylon in our seat bodies, and our holtsters are reinforced with 1000 denier and 1050 ballistic nylon combined.


The choice was obvious when we ran a series of tests to see how well it would perform in a "typical" camp setting.

Do you seriously think a few stray embers are going to matter at this point? Not to worry...We dropped multiple burning logs into this thing. What we learned is the flames didn't accelerate but instead were snuffed out each time. Eventually we burned a few holes but the seat was still functional.

After we burned the seat with logs a few times we had to step it up a notch. What do Hot chocolate, Smore's, and sooty ash all have in common? They're no match for how easy they are to remove from our seats. Simply remove the patented collapsible seat stiffener from the seat pocket, machine wash (or creek/river scrub), hang dry. BOOM! 

EASTON®  - For over 40 years, Easton’s Utah factory has been renown for development and manufacture of expedition-grade tent pole tubes. Easton’s aerospace alloy tubing systems are derived from years of design and manufacturing experience, resulting in the most advanced, lightweight, high-performance tubing available today.   

Good enough for the U.S. Marine Corps combat shelters. Tough enough to face the harshest beatings you can put on them. Our Frames are just as battle ready.



NEED MORE? We thought you'd never ask......

So what's a strength to weight ratio anyways? It's the amount of strength per ounce, see more details below!

The CAPRA is stronger per ounce than any ultralight chair on the market today. The strength equates to durability and long-lasting performance. Designed to endure the rugged wear and tear of any adventure you put it through, day in and day out. It's a workhorse, or should we say a work "MULE" that's as agile as an Alpine "IBEX"? aka MÜLIBEX.

Each reward comes standard with features that eliminate the need for many add ons that are considered accessories by other brands.  All backed by our Lifetime Guarantee.

Contrary to some brands guarantee, poles do not snap in a normal wear and tear environment. That's why we're proud to offer a lifetime guarantee that far surpasses any other ultralight chair brand and then some. A pole that snaps within the load requirements and normal use of the chair is a manufacturing defect, which we take seriously and guarantee will not happen, and in the unlikely event it does, we'll make it right with repair or replacement. 

 This is not an exhaustive list, but some examples of Trekking poles we've tested and know will work with our MUHL X. In order to be compatible, your trekking poles must be a 3 piece telescoping design, recommended to have an external locking mechanism preferably Flicklocks with adjustable tension. Twist-locks, Z-poles, 2 piece, or fixed ski poles are NOT compatible. If your Poles fall into the Adapters category, they will be available after the campaign on our website. 

Innovation in hub design. Features incredibly strong fiber reinforced proprietary resin blend and lightweight geometry with unique load path. This is NOT a plastic hub!!

 If you've ever tipped over or done a backflip in a camp chair, see below how the physics of having a wider footprint enhances stability and prevents this phenomenon. You're Welcome.

A wider footprint adds greater lateral (side to side) stability and reduces tipping. This unique geometry allows our chairs to gain greater seat distances from the ground therefore providing more comfort.

MÜLIBEX | CAPRA Configuration Footprint Compared to Competitor's
MÜLIBEX | SEAGOAT ISLANDER Configuration Footprint Compared to Competitor's

We had to figure out how to get our ultra wide footprint to pack up small. The patented 3-piece collapsible lateral support was the answer.

3-piece collapsible lateral compacts the chair to easily fit in your pack.

Never worry about your chair flipping over when you put "stuff" in it without having you as the counterweight. Our chair system's ultra wide frame and carry bag attachments low center of gravity prevent that from happening. 

Combining a wider trapezoidal footprint with a conical basket style foot significantly reduces sinking, making these chairs incredibly stable in sand, mossy or soft earth, and even snowpack without needing a ground sheet or annoying tennis balls.

Optimally designed feet are sink resistant in any terrain, and come with every chair, not as an add-on.

Patented collapsible lateral seat stiffeners to pack it up small.

Comfort is Critical. The seat relief areas allow the fabric seat conform to your body rather than forcing you into the shape of the seat, while providing superior lumbar support and relief to your lower back, bottom, and legs.

Seat relief cutouts and lumbar support.

Because our frames are so stable, we've Elevated our seat distance from the ground for added comfort and easy out.

The seat design allows it to morph with your movements. Ergonomic seat angles improve comfort in multiple sitting positions.


Let's you carry any way you want, collapse the seat and frame completely for compact, or not for extended if you're in a hurry.