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It is our passion to help those without clean or accessible water. An estimated 790 million people (11% of the world's population) are without access to an adequate water supply. This is why a portion of the proceeds of each purchase will be directly donated to reach water to those in need. Lighten up your pack, purchase an innovative ultralight chair, and you will automatically partner with us and Water Missions International to help quench the thirst of millions in need.


The MUHL utilizes an ultra lightweight frame that locks onto a pair of trekking poles and covers it with a fabric seat. Using your trekking poles to create the frame allows you to carry less weight overall without sacrificing any of the comfort. This is the go to chair for fast and light ventures.

 M - Multi

U - Use

    H - Hybrid

 L - Light

Pronounced - myOol


Unlock and slide the handle segment off your 3 piece telescoping trekking poles. Insert the remaining trekking pole segments through the adapter hole. Fully seat this segment near the next trek pole lock. The adapter will lock onto the pole to prevent slipping. Re-install removed trek pole handle segments (loose). Once the frame is assembled with your trekking poles, place the fabric seat over the frame. Adjust tension on seat by moving trek pole handle segment up and locking into final position. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a hot meal next to a crackling fire after a long day's trek. 


The CAPRA is our stand alone chair built with the same great seat and perfect angles as the MÜHL, but with a fully integrated frame that does not require the use of trekking poles. Weighing a mere 2.1 lb, the CAPRA is fully collapsible into the same compact stuff sack, yet maintains incredible stability while in use.


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