Features That Will Blow You Away


Freakishly Strong

Super happy!

The chair is a high quality product and does everything I hoped it would.

Larry C.


Most comfortable, and durable chair I have ever owned or used!! Every other chair presses into my thighs and minimizes my comfort and I am sore the next day. Setup and tear down is quick and easy!!

Joshua J.

Granny Loves It!

She keeps stealing my chair.

Pew pew

Great chair!

This chair is by far the best camping/hiking chair I have owned to date. It is so stable and comfortable. Not having to worry about the legs digging in the ground is a game-changer for me. I will likely buy another one soon.

Brian W.

Carry bag

Easy to use and I like how it serves multiple purposes.

Travis C.

Superb chair!

I hate bulky and heavy stuff when I go for my hikes, camping or walks with my dog Gigi. This chair is AMAZING! Compact, light and super easy to put up. I carry the minimum when I hike. The materials are súper sturdy. Congrats on this dope chair. I got three now. Two for my car and on for my backpack. Highly recommend it. Great buy!



cup holder from my carry bag..... consider my mind blown, and what took so long for this to happen...


Sweet seat

Having additional minimalistic options only increase the overall experience of this product.


Crazy Light and Sturdy

I bought two separate chairs. This past fall I took the chair that uses my trekking poles for part of the frame on 4 day backpacking trip. It was incredibly comfortable. We had crazy rain one night, and while the other chairs were sinking in the ground, I had no issue. I am an ultra light backpacker and I am including this chair in my gear.

Pete V.

Greatest lightweight chair ever.

Unbelievable Chair. I've had four spinal surgeries and this chair is very comfortable for me. It's also very light, very portable, and indestructible. I love the two I bought and will be buying two more.

Daniel L.

A throne for a self proclaimed King

This chair is the Cadillac of mountain tough, rugged chairs that still doubles for me making all my friends jealous at the kids’ sporting events. A must have for any level outdoorsman.

Torre T.


Just finished a 60 mile 5 night float in Montana. The Capra far exceeded expectations. Being lightweight and compact made it perfect for this trip and the comfort was off the charts. We put it through the wringer throughout the week and it continued to impress. Great design!


Light but strong

Holding this thing in the bag, I had doubts it could possibly hold a grown man. But it does!!!

Olga P.

Comfortable, Strong, lightweight!

Normally you are only going to get 2 of these when buying a travel chair. I use this for hiking because I refuse to sacrifice comfort on the trail, with mulibex, now I don’t have to carry the extra weight to get it. This product is by far THE MOST SUPERIOR CHAIR IN EXISTENCE. My only regret was not buying more. I’m 6’5 and 220, and I’m the guy that’s really tough on equipment. This thing is stupid sturdy. Now that I’ve said all that. I’m gonna get another one.

Justin W.

Excellent product - Won't go on adventures without it

When I first started backpacking I thought brining a chair was unnecessary, I could find a log or sit on the ground. I was wrong, big time. I have tried and spent a lot of money on other chair manufactures. I was glad to hear my friends at Mulibex set out to make a lightweight chair. This chair is amazing. As we all know, a chair that sinks into the ground when you sit in it sucks, this chair does just the opposite! Mulibex carefully thought out their product and I am pumped I have one. The seat height is perfect and the side cut outs are a welcomed design element. They make this much more comfortable to hang out in and around camp. The chair is sturdy and the materials it is built with are top of the line. It is easy to set up and collapse and convert to the Hinny. The multipurpose chair bag is a game changer! I cannot believe they thought of that. What a great product and I am excited to see what is next from our friends at Mulibex!!! Ohhh and this chair is made my Veterans and proudly made in the U.S.A.!!!!

Jon D.

rugged goodness

You know that slightly uneasy feeling when you decide to dime up and pay for a high end product. With this chair all of that melts away as you ease back into the best chair around the campfire. Just completed a 20 mile backpacking trek with 11 guys, many of whom were asking where they could get one by day 3. Took it alligator hunting the very next day. Set it up and broke it down many times that day, which almost becomes an after thought. Love the sewn in black strap on the bag so I could clip the chair to my osprey day pack. Converting the carry bag and neoprene sock into a cup/coffee/bloody mary/....refreshing beverage holder just gives you one more reason to stay put once you plop down in this beauty. Finally, we took it star gazing just the other day about 5 am with the wife and kids at the end of our driveway. Got a few strange looks from passing neighbors, but I thing they were just jealous! Can't wait to see what comes next from this company.

Joe N.

Perfect all around product

I got my tactical unit and absolutely love it. The color pattern is great for hunting and the chair is small and light weight enough to take anywhere. The few things that really sold me on this product were the feet (keeps from sinking even in mud), the height (loads easier to get in and out), and the stability (not always worried it will collapse under my not so very ballerina frame). The price may seem a little steep, but once I got my chair it felt way more reasonable knowing I won't have to replace this one after some rough use. I'd totally recommend the product and company to others and encourage everyone to get in on the action before the company explodes and is the industry standard.

Gabe H.