Things I love the most about being outside

On the Rock Overlook


For most of my life, up until about 15 years ago, my career setting was the outdoors. Growing up as a kid and young adult in the Blue Ridge mountains, my time as a Marine and many more jobs before I became a Structural Design Engineer. What I can say about having to be inside for most of the day in a cube farm with it’s hospital like atmosphere, is that almost every moment I want to be outside and in nature. There is nothing more pure and refreshing than the moments that I have spent on snowy peaks, lush green meadows, or wading through a fast moving river. This absolute love for the freedoms of the great outdoors is exactly my motivation for my products. Here are the top 5 reasons I love being outside.


I don’t have to raise the lid on the toilet before I use the bathroom, or even flush it for that matter. Ok that’s pretty good, but really it’s bigger than that. There are alot of mundane things I’d rather not have to do or even consider, and when i’m out trekking up a mountain, I think a lot less about the turn and burn of everyday life that can consume us and much more about being in the presence of something amazing. It’s the calming, soothing restoration that makes it addictive, and the reason why I can’t get enough.


Have you ever wondered why the best “sound machines” for kids or adults have sounds of rain, ocean waves, crickets or frogs? The sounds of nature are so powerful, they are a part of our genetic makeup. Studies show that the sounds of nature reduce anxiety and stress which we all need a lot less of. It’s just science. There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the sound of leaves swishing in the trees from a light breeze cooling you off during a rest break. The night sounds of crickets and frogs croaking, or a bubbling creek by your campsite, is better than any therapy you could ever pay for.  


Did you know that smells are linked more closely to our memories than any of our other senses. There is a reason why the “smells of nature” are on on this top 5. Every memory that I can recall outside is vividly linked to a memory of the times and places of where they occured. When I roll up to the beach and smell the salt air, thinking about the trips we took as kids. Or how crisp and clean the air smells in the mountains on a cold winter’s day, reliving adventures of past and collecting new memories for the future.


Do you know how much I dislike parking tickets? Some folks love living in a city and having modern conveniences close by. While there are a multitude of benefits for that type of living, they are overshadowed with a sense of rules and regulations that are quite frankly oppressive to me. Being outside and with nature is freedom and expansive (extensive or wide-ranging). The sense of living outside the bounds of social rules or etiquette is absolutely liberating. I guess the only thing i need to worry about now is my permit to hike an area. Ironic, isn’t it.


Incredible views of remote landscapes and sharing them with your closest friends or family. I’m not sure i need to go into much more detail here. You “get the picture”. Pun intended.