Extended Convertible UL Bag
Extended Convertible UL Bag
Extended Convertible UL Bag
Extended Convertible UL Bag

Extended Convertible UL Bag

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Our Extended Convertible UL 70D Ripstop Grey Bag is multi-use doubling as a stuff sack and drink or ice container that clips with carabiners to the MÜLIBEX® 4-in-1 Ultralight chair. The Extended UL Bag enables more pack space in the stuff sack (for food, GoPro, etc.) and provides an extended length storage configuration for the chair.

We are creators of Innovative Adaptive Light Outdoor Products. Using all US made materials, we're a design & manufacturing company that prides itself on skillfully handcrafting our products in our Charleston, SC shop.

Collectively having served in some of the most rugged and extreme conditions to ever exist, we understand what it takes to make products that last. These are not "stupid light", cheaply made crackerjack toys; but rather thoughtfully designed, adaptive, lightweight, durable and comfortable. All our products are made with only exceptional materials that can be used without having to worry about failure while on an adventure, or during a deployment. They won't, and that's our guarantee.

Pronounced - myo͞ol ah bex       (say it fast)

Most outdoor gear companies outsource their manufacturing to foreign sources because of the lower cost of labor and materials. We don't do that.

We believe in putting people before profits and employing folks with good pay for the hard work and dedication they put into making these amazing products. 

We're a "cottage shop" with a small environmental footprint, making durable products with the highest quality materials and offering repair or replace guarantees so our products won’t end up in a landfill, or worse left on the trail. 


MÜLIBEX at it’s core is a hybrid comprised of the best in all of us. Extracting those traits of strength, integrity and selflessness, combining them with rugged humble endurance.

We don’t just want to create novel outdoor products, we want to push the outer most limits of useful innovation to enable us to go further, faster, longer and higher in every adventure or endeavor.

With the help of our local communities, we will help those that would not otherwise have the opportunity or resources to get into the great outdoors. Together we can accomplish anything.


MÜLIBEX is an adaptive-light gear company that is taking a quantum leap into the future of the outdoor industry with innovative products that maximize the usefulness of every piece of gear that we design. We will deliver equipment with unparalleled product quality while continually driving down the cost of our products with a relentless pursuit of efficiency and infusion of technology.

MÜLIBEX will listen to our customers and seek feedback for improving every aspect of our business. We will collaborate with our customers because we love what we do and are addicted to creating the lightest most durable minimalist products on the market that exceed all applicable industry standards.

How it began

I refused to buy a backpacking chair simply because it wasn’t light enough, felt wobbly, had no lower back support, or its feet sunk down into the ground or snow. I had literally flipped over and dumped out on more than one occasion when trying out other backpacking chairs. I couldn’t stand that these other chairs would only ever be just a chair. I set out to design a chair that was ultralight, no, Adaptive Light, incredibly stable, supported my back, and didn’t feel like I was sitting on the ground or squatting with my knees up to my chest. The goal was to minimize overall weight carried while using every piece of equipment to its fullest extent possible. Providing the most comfortable, dependable, and durable chair ever made for the backcountry.

Minimalist, Adaptive light design, that combines leading edge technology and multi use component versatility.

Meet the team

Steve Graybill (USMC Amphib Assault, Aerospace Engineer) - Founder & CEO

I turn ideas into reality, creating innovative solutions from nothing, and taking that which is intangible and make it tangible and awesome. Value the principle of a “smart” design that has both a logical and objective balance of all design factors. Emphasize team collaboration, servant leadership, continuous learning, and exceeding expectations. One thing I’ve learned is that kids are brutally honest, so I live my life with the same filter, or lack thereof.

Sean Webb (PhD Esquire) - Chief Technology Officer

Born with a unique ability to juggle kids and advanced materials, the Daddy Doctor of composites technology is at home in a lab or crushing trails and bagging 14r’s all while wearing 100% cotton. Making sure Hayne can never break our gear on a molecular level is part of his DNA.

Hayne Rawls (SEALs, USMC Spec Ops) - Field Operations

Envied by Chuck Norris, this real life Hero drinks bottles of MCT oil and eats sticks of butter and summer sausage to stay in shape. Taking down terrorists before breakfast, breaking in gear was just part of the job. Which is why this Bronze Star (V) with Valor recipient is more than qualified to put all our prototypes through the ringer.

Shaughn Tillman (Overall Bad@$$) - Media Overlord

Don’t let a beard fool you; this one is fully loaded with action packed cinematic Kung Fu. With rare, never before seen footage, his style of story telling will draw you in and leave you craving more. Taking everything to the next level is part of his game winning strategy for connecting with our message.


If you're wondering how we got our name... What if a Mule and an Alpine Ibex had a baby? An unrivaled combination of strength and agility - BOOM - MÜLIBEX was born.


Founder Steve Graybill demonstrates the CAPRA's many options, conversion capability, attachments, and how to collapse and store. We continue to update this archive of demonstration videos and would love your feedback and requests for more How To's and demos, Contact us and we'll get back with you shortly.

Setting up the CAPRA and packing up is easy. Check these videos out showing just how quick and versatile.

Have more questions or would like to learn more? We'd love nothing more to fill you in on all that our products have to offer. Contact us and we'll get back to you shortly.