The top 5 US States to Hike and my Favorite Trails

According to Google trends at the time of writing this article the 5 U.S States with the most people interested in hiking are Vermont, Colorado and Hawaii closely followed by New Hampshire and Montana. This is interesting because it tells us the areas of the country most likely to have the outdoor extremists that MÜLIBEX® products are designed for. Let's take a look at these states and what they have to offer that makes them so appealing.

#1 VERMONT - Trails with a Past

Vermont hiking gear

Photo by Jeff Golenski on Unsplash

A quintessential American State known for its forest regions, and beautiful Mountains like its highest point, Mount Mansfield. For thousands of years, before the European colonization, Indigenous people called this territory home and if you look carefully you may be able to find some remnants such as stone arrowheads or abandoned trails worn throughout time. Once upon a time RTE 22A in Vermont was actually the same route used to link villages and networks of the Western Abenaki. Today some of the popular trails for hikers include Camel’s Hump Trail and Mount Pisgah Trail.   

#2 COLORADO - Scenic Wonderland

Colorado Hiking Gear

Photo by David Rupert on Unsplash

The mountainous regions containing most of the Southern Rockies are literally spotted with hundreds of rivers, desert areas, and canyons, not to mention its forests and high plains. Here you can find numerous trails for working up a sweat and your bond with nature while finding your inner strength. Sand Canyon Trail, Devil’s Canyon Loop, or Petroglyph point all offer amazing views that will not disappoint. One of our favorites here at MÜLIBEX® are the harder Blue Lakes Trails which take quite a bit of effort but in the end will yield breathtaking views which make you feel at peace and alive all at once. If your serious about hiking definitely come here!   

#3 HAWAII - Adventurous Thrills

Hawaii Hiking Gear

Photo by Braden Jarvis on Unsplash

The sun is definitely here and will be well needed for traversing the tough terrain with eagle eye vision. One of, if not the hardest State’s to go hiking Hawaii offers unparalleled views matched with dangerous terrain. Whether it’s cliffs, lava tubes or black sand beaches you’re certain to remember anywhere you hike here. Haiku Stairs in Honolulu, also known as the Stairway to Heaven, are one of the riskiest hikes because of its steep vertical climb and gusting winds even the seasoned hiker will be questioning the choice to ascend. For a calmer experience with just as great a view, well almost as great a view, we recommend Ka’au Crater which takes you to a forest reserve along the rim of an ancient volcanic crater.    

#4 NEW HAMPSHIRE - A Lover’s Paradise

New Hampshire Hiking Gear

Photo by Paulbalegend at English Wikipedia

Where would we be without the White Mountains and their romantic views? It can be cold in New Hampshire, having the coldest spot ever recorded, but it can also be a lover’s paradise, this is actually where I proposed so I may be partial to it being on this list. It’s no wonder that these Mountains contain some of the most popular hiking areas for weddings, engagements or day hikes, they’re just striking. The trail I used to propose was Airline Trail via Mount Adams, not too hard of a climb but with some tough moments followed by an otherworldly view. Once you escape the treeline the Mountain turns into a rockyscape that is not dissimilar to a martian surface. It’s both surreal and beautiful. The most popular hikes here would definitely be Mount Washington with its many options from beginners to advanced hikers. Make sure you dress in layers because the temperature, as with any mountain, can drastically change without warning.     

#5 MONTANA - Just Plain Crazy

Montana Hiking Gear

Photo by National Park Service in Public Domain

What can we say about Big Sky Country but what fun. Montana offers some of the most fun you can find while seeking out a trail for a day or a week. Finding lodging in the peaceful McDonald Peak or hidden trails in the Sphinx Mountain can be a dream come true for any seasoned hiker but the trails we like best can be found on Crazy Mountains. The wind lined ridges that make up these trails take you from the Big Timber Creek Trailhead to the West Ridge and can be dangerous because of all the loose rocks. Be careful and remember the land around Crazy Peak is private so get extreme while being courteous to the local residents.