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Top 5 things I love about being outside

  For most of my life, up until about 12 years ago, my career setting was the outdoors. Growing up as a kid and young adult in the Blue Ridge mountains, my time as a Marine and many more jobs before I became a Structural Design Engineer. What I can say about having to be inside for most of the day in a cube farm with it’s hospital like atmosphere, is that almost every moment I want to be outside and in nature. There is nothing more pure and refreshing than the moments that I have spent on snowy peaks, lush green meadows, or wading through a fast moving river. This absolute love for the freedoms of the great outdoors...

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The top 5 US States to Hike and my Favorite Trails

According to Google trends at the time of writing this article the 5 U.S States with the most people interested in hiking are Vermont, Colorado and Hawaii closely followed by New Hampshire and Montana. This is interesting because it tells us the areas of the country most likely to have the outdoor extremists that MÜLIBEX® products are designed for. Let's take a look at these states and what they have to offer that makes them so appealing. #1 VERMONT - Trails with a Past Photo by Jeff Golenski on Unsplash A quintessential American State known for its forest regions, and beautiful Mountains like its highest point, Mount Mansfield. For thousands of years, before the European colonization, Indigenous people called this...

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